Our mode of operation is geared towards completing projects within tight deadlines, using:
  • Experienced teams
  • Meticulous checklists to cover all aspects of the operation: equipment, logistics, IT, and more.
  • Milestones for coordinating field operations with project control at the office.
Each project is assigned a project manager who commands the entire operation, from inception to successful delivery. The project manager liaises between the client and the field teams and coordinates the different units involved in the project.
Quality control

Absolute surveys and estimates form the base for large scale construction and infrastructure projects, where meticulous attention to detail may result in significant cost savings. Therefore, we use the best equipment and software available, and ensure quality control.

Quality control procedures include daily audits of field work to ensure execution proceeds according to plan. Checks are also performed at significant milestones and upon project completion.

Our passion for precision and reputation for honesty and integrity has led many of our clients to entrust us with auditing sub-contractors accounts.