Professional Services

As expert surveyors, with thorough training and experience in all aspects of construction, Absolute offer services ranging from initial surveys to project completion, including; maps & surveys, staking, documenting, and quantity calculations.

Specializing in large scale and development projects, the Absolute team has the skills and resourcefulness required to complete a project on,
or even before schedule.


Surveying and Mapping
  • Land surveys
  • As made mapping
  • Underground utilities detection and mapping
  • Solar & Cellular surveys
  • Measured building
  • Laser scanning
  • High precision engineering surveys
  • Large scale mapping
  • Establishing control points
  • Orthophoto
Quantity Calculations
  • Earth Quantity Calculations (cut & fill)
  • Engineering estimates
  • Auditing sub-contractor accounts 
  • Consulting for tenders
  • Consulting for construction projects
Service for Large Construction Projects
  • Mobile offices on site with full equipment: IT, Xerox, large format A0 plotter, internet connection.
  • Dedicated teams: A designated team of surveyors and technical personnel work exclusively on the same project until completion.