The Team

Absolute was founded by Mr. Ofer Kokos, an expert in engineering surveys with 25 years of experience on large scale projects.
Mr. Kokos is responsible for general management and oversees large projects.

Field Teams

The field teams are staffed by highly skilled surveyors. Our senior Team leaders - Andrei Peisikov, Alexander Lobkov, Michael Radzimovsky, Avshalom Ben Shalom and Jacob Kriss - have many years of experience in team management and field work.

Each team works independently on both local and international projects, and is equipped with vehicles and all necessary gear.


Technical Department

The technical department is responsible for all professional work at Absolute headquarters, including Quantity Calculations and Technical Drawing.

Mrs. Dorit Rabinovich, Head of the Technical Department, has 30 years experience in technical drawing and has been involved in all major projects in Israel over the past several years. She has established a reputation for precision, professionalism, and close attention to detail.

Mrs. Ilana Halili, Senior Project Manager, is a highly skilled technical drawing professional with experience in train and light rail projects which require precision and high resolution in quantity calculations.

Mr. Shmuel Lankri, who leads all quantity calculations, has over 10 years experience on large projects. Mr. Lankri manages critical calculations as part of surveying, consulting for tenders, and more.


Logistics Team

The logistics team looks to military procedures for inspiration and methodologies. The team has developed detailed checklists and methods enabling our surveying teams to reach any site within days. Thanks to meticulous preparation, Absolute can deploy multiple teams in multiple locations, and work may begin immediately.

Outstanding achievements by the logistics team include deploying a team in Georgia within 48 hours, and a team in Angola within 72 hours after visa approval. Back office support takes care of flight & accommodations arrangements, visas, approvals for equipment, and other details necessary for a fast, efficient operation.