Mission Accomplished: Absolute Enable Toll Road to Open 7 Months ahead of Schedule


Highway 6 is Israel's first and longest toll highway. The toll way's developer, Derech Eretz, published a tender for mapping, surveying, and overseeing new road segments. Derech Eretz had previously worked with other surveyors, and was looking to improve the quality of service.

Derech Eretz chose Absolute to work on the next highway section – section 18. They were impressed with the personal involvement of Absolute's upper management, and the dedication of the professional team which they had previously worked with.

The Mission

Absolute was asked to oversee the project from start to finish, including earthworks, road structure, concrete road construction, and tunneling right through to final details such as signage, painting, and opening the road for traffic.


Section 18 is 17km long, and includes interchanges, bridges, and cut & cover segments. Preserving landscape and local wildlife was an important consideration.

Decisive Action

Absolute established fully equipped offices in the field, with a network of computers connected to the main offices, printers, large format plotter, and laptop computers for the surveying teams.

Absolute chose a team of elite surveyors who were trained in a wide range of skills: project data preparation, transferring data to Total Station and GPS, computerized work in the field, surveyor's control, reporting, quantity calculations, control and auditing of sub-contractor bills, and as-built mapping.

Thanks to a smart work plan, resourcefulness, and full cooperation from all the companies involved in the project, the road was ready 7 months ahead of schedule.


Briefing: Mission Accomplished

The mission was accomplished with great success. Benefits to Derech Eretz include:

1.    Road built in 26 months instead of the planned 33 months. Derech Eretz was able to charge for road traffic 7 months earlier than planned.

2.    Cost savings: millions of dollars were saved thanks to Absolute's close inspection of subcontractor accounts.